The Killers of Bongobondhu – Bongobondhu Information & Research Center

Colonel (was Major in August 1975) Syed Faruque Rahman, Abdur Rashid, Sharful Haque (Dalim), Raju Ahmed and A.K.M. Raju Ahmed, all majors in the Bangladesh Army and veterans of Bangladesh Forces. With cue from certain foreign intelligence, they planned to topple the government and establish a military government of their own. Khondaker Mostaq Ahmed, an Awami League cabinet minister under the Mujibur regime, agreed to take over the Presidency. Over the years many paint of alternative pictures of different conspiracies, implicating Mustaque and CIA as participants. It is alleged that the chief of the army staff Major General K M Shafiullah and Defence Intelligence Agency DGFI Air Vice Marshall Aminul Islam Khan were aware of the conspiracy.

Confession of the killers of Bongobondhu