Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared the independence of Bangladesh

A written copy of the declaration made by Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at mid night on the 26th March 1971.

"Pakistani armed forces suddenly EPR at Peelkana & Police barrack at Rajarbagh from 0000 hrs 26 March killing lacs of unarmed people. A strong battle going on with EPR and Police forces in the streets of Dacca. People are fighting gallantry with enemy forces for the freedom of Bangla Desh. Every section of the people of Bangla Desh are asked to resist enemy forces at any cost in every corner of Bangla Desh.

May Allah bless you & help you."

Joy Bangla
Mujibur Rahman

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declares region independent, CBS news, Mar 26, 1971.


Telegram of US Embassy

Telegram of US Embassy, Pakistan regarding the release of Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Bangabandhu and the freedom of Bangladesh

By - Khondaker Abdus Samad

Our nationalist movement that led to the War of Liberation began soon after the creation of Pakistan. Since inception, the Pakistani rulers began maligning our culture to destroy our independent cultural identity.

Declaration of Independence: Settling the dispute

By - Dr. Rashid Askari

The history of our Liberation War has undergone huge distortion at the hands of vested quarters and political governments. The politically partisan intellectuals held repeated post-mortems of history to use it in their respective favour. This tug of war with our history has caused serious harm to our national integrity. The impressionable young generation has been the worst victim of this. They are confused with the frequent changes in the historical accounts, which are in a state of flux in keeping with the change of the governments. This long-drawn-out hostility between the two major rival parties, Awami League (AL) and Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), revolves around their two political idols — Mujib and Zia. And the bone of contention is primarily centred on the declaration of Independence.