Official Manifesto of the historical six points

Official Manifesto of the historical six points which was declared on the 7th June, 1966 by Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

It was published by Nurul Islam on behalf of East Pakistan Awame League at that time.

Six-Point Demands: Roadmap For Bangladesh’s Emancipation

On the 7th June, 1966, the people of what was then East Pakistan observed a general strike in the province in support of the Awami League's Six-Point demands of autonomy announced a few months earlier by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

The strike, in the course of which a number of individuals were killed in police firing and a number of others were injured, was a powerful instance of the Bangalees making their displeasure about their place in Pakistan known to the authorities.

A letter to save Mujib

This letter was written by little Ayesha to the Prime Minister of Britain. The title of the letter was, "Please give our Mujib Back." And the Prime Minister of Britain, Edward Heath, of that time assured that he will take care of the matter.

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Life In Prison

In 1948

On 11 March,Bangobondhu was arrested along with some colleagues while they were holding a demonstration in front of the Secretariat building.

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