Political Life

Life In Prison – Bongobondhu Information & Research Center

In 1948

On 11 March,Bangobondhu was arrested along with some colleagues while they were holding a demonstration in front of the Secretariat building.

On 19 May, Mujib was arrested again on 11 September. He was released from jail on 21 January, 1949.


Mujib was arrested for staging a sit-in strike before the vice-chancellor’s residence.He was released in late June.

In September he was detained for violating Section 144. Later, however, he was freed.On 24 October.Once again Bangobondhu was arrested and jailed, this time for two years and five months, for leading the demonstration.

Though still in jail, Bangobondhu managed to play a leading role in organizing a protest against this announcement. From prison he sent out a call to the State Language Action Council to obverse 21 February as Demand Day for releasing political prisoners and making Bangla the state language. He began a hunger strike on 14 February. He was released from jail on 26 February.

In 1954

Bangobondhu was again arrested once he landed at Dhaka airport after a flight from Karachi on 30 May. He was freed on 23 December.


1958, Bangobondhu was arrested on 11 October.Released from prison after 14 months, he was arrested again at the jail gate.

On 7 December 1961, he was released from jail after a writ at the high court.


He was arrested again on 6 February 1962.Bangobondhu was released from jail on 18 June.


Mujib was arrested two weeks before the election, charged with sedition and jailed for a year.


Bangobondhu started with a nationwide move to built public opinion in favour of 6 point demands. He was arrested during this move number of times. He was arrested eight times within first three months of the year. 8 May he was again arrested while addressing at a public meeting with Narayangonj jute mill workers.


Agartala Conspiracy Case,He was released from jail on 17 January and again arrested at the jail gate.On 22 February the government caved to the mounting pressure, dropped the charged and unconditionally released Mujib.


On the night following the 25 March,the Pakistan army cracked down on the innocent unarmed Bangalees. They attacked Dhaka University, the Peelkhana Headquarters of the then East Pakistan Rifles and the Rajarbagh Police Headquarters. Bangobondhu declared the independence of Bangladesh at 12:20 midnight on 26 March 1971.